JKT offers SAP solutions for the construction Industry.  With the phenomenal explosion is real estate and construction business both in India and Middle East, each organisation is striving to bring down the cost, increase the efficiency and bringing a predictability of the outcome.

From pure play brick and morter construction business, today the organisations are becoming more and more demanding towards automation to bring in the following:

  • Enhancing the competitive edge
  • Operational Optimization and cost reduction
  • User productivity and satisfaction
  • Visibility of the operation and risk mitigation

construction Construction
JKT offers SAP solutions, which will helps the organisation to improve the performance of all business processes within the project and facility life cycles, collaborate more closely with suppliers, subcontractors, operators, and customers. This helps the organisation to become more competitive and achieve their business goals.

With these obvious challenges comes the need to:

  • Project Budget Management
  • Collaboration with partners and contractors
  • Project documents and Artefacts management
  • Resource Management (material, labor, and equipment)
  • Mitigate operational and financial risk with various decision making tools
  • Provide project visibility to business users at all levels