When organizations optimally leverage their learning ecosystem, tremendous value and possibilities are unlocked. This creates a powerful cycle of value creation, evolution and regeneration.

At JKT, we strategically focus on Interactive Learning solutions. We have built world class solution with highest quality of learning methodologies with a core team of proven interactive learning credentials for the growth of the stake holders. We have expertise in building customized eLearning modules on behavioural areas, functional areas & providing e-solutions to customers.

Our approach has a unique distinction of being ‘Creative’, ‘Learner-friendly’, ‘Well-structured’ and ‘Measurable’. We ensure a smooth flow of services for our stakeholders from Consulting, Developing to Production & Transition Management.

Our Services

elearning services e Learning & LMS

Solution Offered

e Learning Solutions 0003 customer exp e Learning & LMS

Sales Enablement

The key attributes of our sales training include phase-wise sales cycle from lead generation to securing repeat business, scenarios set in business situations, and scenario based assessments.

e Learning Solutions 0001 product knowledge e Learning & LMS

Customer Experience

We provide bespoke e-learning with immersive scenarios and resources, customer service portals using custom LMS to create a branded, personalized experience, connecting teams and sharing updates, and tracking performance.

e Learning Solutions 0002 product knowledge e Learning & LMS

Product knowledge

Our training includes animated sequences, 3D rotatable imagery, step-by-step interactive demos, scenario-based assessments, supporting materials such as specification sheets, on-screen guides and subject experts.

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Onboarding & Induction

Our Induction Programmes that include competitions and quizzes delivered by mobile phone, pre-start taster modules downloaded at home, dedicated new starter’ websites and portals, and informationsharing forums for new teams.

e Learning Solutions 0000 Policy e Learning & LMS

Compliances & Policies

The Compliance training offered includes health and safety (everything from the basics, such as trip hazards to specialist petro-chemical handling), employment law,including diversity, recruitment and hiring and disciplinary procedures, finance, medical, data protection, claims procedures, fire safety and line management process.

e Learning Solutions 0004 it system training e Learning & LMS

IT Systems & Training

The training models include full systems replication – click-for-click, safe modes, Assessed modes, Demo modes, combination modes and Scenarios. Our IT and systems training has the added benefit of being flexible to the needs of the learner