Maximize Your Applications

Application integration (sometimes called enterprise application integration or EAI) is the process of bringing data or a function from one application program together with that of another application program.

A right EAI implementation helps your organisation achieve various key business goals, such as an increased interaction within disparate systems and departments, increased agility, reduced operational costs, easier enterprise asset management, and overall, an increased return on investment.

ddd Application IntegrationAt JKT, we have led numerous successful implementations for our clients with our time-tested EAI solutions approach. JKT provides a range of services woven around facilitating seamless integration between existing application portfolios. Also, we help extend your organisation’s capabilities to integrate its software with its business partners, suppliers, vendors, and customers.

JKT specializes in developing and managing robust EAI solutions. With each EAI project, our EAI solution experts collaborate to identify key business goals, define the optimal solution, and manage the project through to a successful implementation with a thorough understanding of industry standards, best practices, and technology. As a result, we help our customers in lowering down the cost of ownership and time-to-market for their new applications.

Our Portfolio of Enterprise Application Integration services includes:

diagram eai services1 Application Integration

JKT’s application integration solutions give you the flexibility to connect your applications within a real-time, event-driven, or message-based infrastructure.

It is available in open source and has the lowest TCO in the industry – making it the clear choice for organizations that need cost-effective application integration, both within and outside their organization.